Meet Our KCare Team

Backed by decades of experience in social work, human services and SaaS development, the KCare team is dedicated to creating the best software experience for social service, human service and mental health agencies. We empower social service agencies with our mission-driven software to provide transformative care and improve outcomes for the populations they serve.

KCare Leadership

Katie Cortes

Chief Executive Officer

Johanna Brooks

Chief Operations Officer

Paolo Bettoni

Chief Product Officer

Jackie Gonzalez


Elise Witek

VP of Sales

Jessica Crume

VP of Finance and Operations

Lisa Potter

VP of Marketing

Mike Alexander

Chief of Staff

Customer Experience

Amber Ferrero

Implementation Specialist | Exym

Andrew Grant

Support Specialist

Ari Knight

VP of Customer Experience | extendedReach

Barb Odenweller

Senior Implementation Specialist | extendedReach

Barbie Toledo

Director of Customer Engagement | Stabilify

Brad Jackson

Director of Implementation | extendedReach

Caleb Afework

Support Engineer | extendedReach

Carrie Elley

Technical Support Analyst | Exym

Cathy Pallon

Senior Project Manager | KCare

Cherie Hammond

Support Specialist | Exym

Chrystal Hamilton-Dorelien

Implementation Specialist | extendedReach

Danine Livingood

Technical Services Manager

Emily Parks

Senior Implementation Specialist | extendedReach

Happy Situ

Senior Support Engineer II | Exym

Jared Pecotich

Support Specialist

Jeremy Slatton

VP of Professional Services

Jose Valle

Senior Customer Success Manager | Exym

Juliana Hill

Support Specialist | extendedReach

Julie Clark

Migration Technical Project Manager

Kami Kane

Senior Support Specialist | Exym

Kim Tran

Product Manager | Exym

Kristen Taylor

Content & Training Specialist | Exym

Mandy Randolph

Financial Specialist | extendedReach

Mary Ellen Wallace

Business Intelligence Analyst | extendedReach

Mike Paschal

Lead Support Specialist | extendedReach

Nick Sahr

Support Specialist | Exym

Nicole Snyder

Director of Customer Support | extendedReach

Polly Clark

Project Manager | extendedReach

Priscilla Murphy

Onboarding Success Manager | extendedReach

Robert Buncic

Director of Customer Support | Exym

Shane Frazier

Customer Success Manager | extendedReach

Stephanie Jenkins

Director of Implementation | Exym

Tabitha Graesart

Director of Training and Office Management | Stabilify

Tawanna Chapman

Implementation Specialist | extendedReach

Trish Grassi

Manager, Customer Success | extendedReach

Trish Murphy

Senior Implementation Specialist | extendedReach

Victor Martinez

Support Specialist | Exym


Al Orlando

Account Executive | KCare

Jasmine Hasler

Account Executive | KCare

Michelle Pepin

Sales Coordinator | Exym

Billing Services

Jonathan Goodyear

VP of Billing

Lisa Frederick

Analyst | extendedReach

Polly Clark

Billing Services Manager | extendedReach

Wonda Whallon

EDI Analyst | extendedReach


Jesse Collier

Senior Associate, Content Marketing | KCare

Jessica Carey

Marketing Director | KCare

Product and Engineering

Andres Lopez

Team Lead | Exym

Andrey Zagaynov

Senior .NET Engineer/Architect | Exym

Angel Ríos-González

Senior Software Engineer | extendedReach

Benjamin Levenson

Head of Resiliency and Acceleration | Exym

BJ Bedford

VP of Software Development | extendedReach

Crystal Mullins

Scrum Master | extendedReach

Curt Coty

Senior Software Engineer Lead | extendedReach

Cynthia Ribot-Graham

D365/PowerPlatform Developer | Stabilify

Dave Harland

Chief Technology Officer and VP of Product Development | Stabilify

David Cross

Engineering Manager | extendedReach

Dean Tolmachoff

General Ledger Analyst | extendedReach

Edward Dyk

Senior Software Engineer | extendedReach

Esteban Lopez Falcon

Team Lead | Exym

Giovanni Montrone

Director of Engineering | Exym

Hassan Qayyum

Data Engineer | Exym

Ivo Campagnolo

Software Engineering Consultant | extendedReach

Jack Rowland

Software Engineer | Exym

James Sturgill

Internal Project Manager | Stabilify

Jared Livingston

Support Engineer | Exym

Jason McIntosh

Product Manager | extendedReach

Juan Glover

Director of Software Development | Stabilify

Juan Piscione

Product Manager | Exym

Justin Ward

DevSecOps Manager | extendedReach

Lisa Boyle

Product Manager | extendedReach

Lisa McIsaac

Senior Software Engineer | ExtendedReach

Luis Ledesma

Lead Applications Developer | Stabilify

Mario Rip

QA Engineering Consultant | extendedReach

Matthew Krinsky

Senior Business Systems Analyst | Stabilify

Patrick Goruick

Architect | Exym

Pauline Tan

Jr. Product Manager | Exym

Rebecca Holmberg

Domino DevOps SecOps Engineer | extendedReach

Robert Schneider

Senior Software Engineer | Exym

Salim Mohammed

VP of Product | KCare

Stephanie VanHooser

D365/PowerPlatform Developer | Stabilify

Victor Rojas

Software Engineer | Exym

Woo Lee

Senior Software Engineer | extendedReach

Finance and Operations

Aaron Eiginger

IT Manager | KCare

Jerry Jackson

Senior Accountant | KCare

Jennifer Pajares

Director of HR | KCare

Rachel McFalls

HR Coordinator | KCare

Umang Kumar

IT Support Technician | KCare