KCare's Culture Advocacy Team

One thing that sets KCare apart is our Culture Advocacy Team (CAT). KCare is a remote organization and the CAT Team keeps employees engaged and helps to build and maintain relationships. CAT is a diverse employee volunteer committee that spearheads KCare’s culture & team initiatives, activities, promotes KCare Core Values, and much more!

What the CAT Team Does

The CAT Team connects team members and promotes a good company culture in many ways.  Some of these ways include:


Cat Team promotes team culture

Promotes Team Culture

The CAT Team coordinates new team member welcomes, KCare Coworker Connections, health and wellness activities, laughs, and support. The focus is always on maintaining a positive & healthy company culture that benefits all team members.

CAT team quarterly renewals

Facilitates Quarterly Renewals

The CAT Team facilitates quarterly renewals for the entire KCare staff.  Quarterly renewals include team engagement surveys, team building activities, department updates, and core value awards.

Cat team fun and connection

Initiates Fun & Connection

The CAT Team helps maintain a positive team culture by planning activities that promote fun and connection.  These activities include coffee chat, Walker Tracker challenges, happy hours, coworker connections, Kudoboards, meditation challenges, a diversity book club, holiday parties and KCare gatherings.

Cat team core value awards

Spearheads Core Value Awards

KCare's Core Value Awards recognize team members that go above and beyond and embody KCare's Core Values. Those values are:

We care. 

We are open and honest. 

We prioritize our customers. 

We are always learning. 

We create fun. 

We win together. 

We all belong.